Travis Dodd (Professional Footballer - Perth Glory & Australian Representative) - The team at Verita Financial Solutions offers high quality advice at very competitive fees when compared to other Financial Advisers I consulted. Verita Financial Solutions have put in place a Wealth Creation Strategy and a Wealth Protection Strategy which is designed to meet my goals. In my sporting life, I always strived to be the best and to be the best you need to work hard at reaching your goals. Verita Financial Solutions do just this. I don't have the time or the knowledge to worry about Financial Advice so I want to place my family's well being in the hands of an Advisory Practice that works hard for me. I would recommend the Verita Team for your Financial Advice.

Nick Konstantinou (Chiropractor - Burwood Back Pain Clinic) - I have been receiving Insurance, Investment and Superannuation Advice from Verita Financial Solutions since 2003 and find them the best Financial Advisory Practice I have ever dealt with. When I first met Nick Alvaro, he was able to save me 30% on my insurance premiums and we then used the savings towards locking in level insurance premiums on all of my policies. This now means I have insurance cover for me and my family which will be affordable throughout all of my working life. We were also able to use my superannuation to pay for some of the insurance premiums which was very handy for me for cash flow purposes. Nick also has strong alliances with other professionals which I have used including Mortgage Brokers, General Insurance Brokers, Accountants and Solicitors. Nick is a wealth of knowledge. Nick is very honest and trustworthy and I recommend his services to all of my family and friends.

Nigel Hutchence (Semi Retired) - Verita Financial Solutions manages my superannuation and retirement planning. The team implemented a Transition to Retirement Strategy for me many years ago which helped boost my super and retirement balance whilst still taking home my same net pay. This was a great strategy for me. VFS have always been there for me and have taken me through the process step by step instilling confidence. I am now semi retired and the team are helping me with maximising my retirement savings and ensuring we get to live the lifestyle we desire for as long as possible. It's nice to know that hereon in, the only thing I need to worry about is reducing my golf handicap.

Paul Meissel (CPA Accountant at Supagas)  I have been using Verita Financial Solutions for my Personal Insurances, Superannuation and Retirement Planning since 2006. They are always proactive in their advice and their investment expertise helped me obtain a return of 25% over a 12 month period within my superannuation. Whilst I know it is very difficult to make these sorts of returns year in year out, I rest assured that the team at Verita Financial Solutions is doing the best they can for me and that's what I want from my Financial Adviser. Keep up the good work.

Tiffany Cooney (Corporate Sales Manager - BMW) Being the time of year to reflect upon events that have passed, I felt the need to send you a brief message. I believe I can speak on behalf of my mother and sister in thanking you for your assistance with sorting our Dad's financial affairs after he passed away. In your line of business you must be faced with grieving families often so it is important to note how your assistant Natalie responded to our questions and took us through the process with as little fuss as possible. I found Natalie to be proactive and quite a pleasure to deal with. We were never made to feel like any question was silly and we truly appreciate the speed at which you both worked. I have no hesitation in recommending Nick Alvaro and the Verita Financial Solutions Team.