Total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance provides cover if you are totally and permanently disabled.
This insurance policy provides a lump sum benefit if you are deemed to be Totally or permanently disabled from an injury or serious illness and it is unlikely that you will return to work again in your normal capacity.  
Your insurer will define TPD as one of the following:
            You can't work again in any occupation, or
            You can't work in your usual occupation
TPD cover can be linked with your Life Insurance plan or it can be opted to be taken out as a stand alone policy.

Various companies offer various definitions, its important to take into account all of the information in the PDS and make a decision that is correct for your current life situation. Be cautious, some companies offer disability cover with no medical checks. Most of the time, this cover is limited, hence the cheaper price.
The advisers at VFS are here to guide you and help find the policy that suits your current needs.